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26th Annual 2019 Appalachian Bike Tour Ride will be September 21, 2019

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Bike Tour 2019

Autumn in Appalachia

The ABT is undergoing a redesign this year.  The DWC is teaming up with the Louisa/Lawrence County Trail Town Committee (part of Tourism) to create a Century/Metric Century ride which will include 2 states, 3 counties, cross 2 very unique bridges and include lunch at the historic Jenny Wiley grave (sponsored by the Paintsville/Johnson County Trail Town Committee).  The ABT will highlight the unique culture, topography and history of eastern Kentucky while giving the rider a challenging (but not too challenging) ride!  This year the ride will begin and end at Main Street City Park in downtown Louisa and will include a shorter, less challenging, fun ride for less “experienced” riders!  This new route will be called the Fun Loop which will be a short bike ride on fairly flat terrain and will be located in and around the downtown area.  A 10 mile and a 20 mile Loop has been added for those just a little moreadventurous!  The ABT will begin with a PANCAKE breakfast at 7 am for all participants!!   The tour is September 21, 2019.  Registration, check-in and pancake breakfast time will be announce later.  There will be traveling SAG wagons as well as “SAG” stops along the routes with refreshments and assistance if needed.  Come on down and rediscover Louisa while you enjoy Autumn in Appalachia!
Appalachian Bike Tour
Sponsors: Lawrence County Democratic Woman's Club Louisa/Lawrence County Trail Town Committee                   Endorsed by: Ashland Cycling Enthusiasts